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DCS News Blog

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At DCS, Real-Time Means Real-Time

Michael Taylor - Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It goes without saying that the internet and streaming video go hand-in-hand.  There are some types of video streams that require extra care and preparation when integrating them into a web interface.  Your personal or business’ real-time security surveillance feed must be active and accessible at all times.  Missing just a fraction of a second can mean the difference between smooth sailing and utter catastrophe.  Ensuring your feeds stability must be addressed sooner than later.  How do you know who to choose when selecting a provider to provide such a delicate and important service?

Axis Communications Certified Professionals are the foremost experts in the global standard for IP Real-Time Video Integration.  Axis Partners are trained and tested on the past and current IP real-time surveillance technology to ensure a smooth transition and integration for your current platform and surveillance needs.  They are the cutting edge of new technology and techniques to provide always-on, multiplatform synchronicity for the future.  Through Axis’ continuing education initiative and bi-annual recertification, you can rest assured you are receiving professional, next-level service that will keep your surveillance feed active, secure and accessible.  Axis Certified Professionals pride themselves in providing peace of mind to their end users by establishing proper surveillance feed protocols and maintaining flawless redundancy across any security platform.

With the most recent round of testing completed by Diversified Computing Solutions, they now have 5 Axis Communications Certified Professionals on staff.  That is 4 more than the average infrastructure provider keeps on staff.  This allows DCS to design, deploy, and manage more surveillance implementation projects than anybody in the market.  These professionals ensure that the end user will experience better service, uninterrupted site streaming and crystal-clear manipulate able surveillance video.  Axis Partners have unique  access to cutting edge technologies that provide vivid 360 degree visualizations, enhanced video streams to the highest amount of clarity on any size object, and make it easy enough for any level of user to operate.  You will also have a dedicated team of specialized, experienced professionals that are committed to deliver clear, accessible, and secure surveillance feeds which will minimize theft, violence, vandalism, and other forms of loss.

“This is gives us the opportunity to continue to provide the world class service and the most advanced surveillance technology in the market to our valuable clients for which DCS is known.  Axis Professional Certification provides instant recognition and credibility for our real-time surveillance streaming services, and it allows us to reach out to a broader market segment,” replied Donald Kidwell when asked what this certification means to DCS.

Founded in Atlanta, GA in 1993, DCS, Inc. has become an established leader in providing IT solutions in the Southeast United States. In August 2000, DCS acquired SSG of Columbia, SC and expanded their geographic coverage and breadth of experience. SSG had been in business since 1984 and has a history of excellent client service and market strength South Carolina.

To find more about the DCS, you can contact Michael Taylor at DCS (803) 419-3501 or Toll Free (800) 518-9555 or he can be reached by email at

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